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This game was created for the AIE Battle for Train Jam event, a competitive jam where the winner gets a scholarship to participate in Train Jam. 

The Theme was "Limited Space"

Some ramble if you find that you are struggling to understand the game loop (sorry)

Main Game play loop

The game run a 4 second "turn" based system. When you encounter an enemy, they will first go into a "taunt" animation, and then the fight begins. 

During the fight, the enemy will do an animation that signifies if they are going to attack on the next turn. (As you play, you will start to see a pattern). This is also when the player will have to decide what weapon they thing best suits the following turn. Will the enemy attack? Use a shield. Are they vulnerable? whip about a sword. 

Now, the inventory system

You can open up your inventory by pressing (Shown in Red)

  • Each Item in your inventory takes up space. The rarer the weapons, the more inventory space they take up. (Shown in Blue)

After each turn, the enemy will drop two random loot, corresponding to their level (Shown in Purple)

  • You can pick the dropped weapons up with the E or R keys. Note that you have to have the appropriate amount of inventory space, and you haven't locked in a weapon.

This wheel indicates that you can pick what items you want to use, and what you want to throw away. 

  • Use the Left and Right Arrows on  your keyboard to cycle through your current inventory
  • Use the Up Arrow to lock in what item you would like to use
  • Use the Down Arrow to throw away the item.

There's a whole lot more mechanics in the back end like rarity based shielding, but thats for you to figure it out. If you have any questions, you can ping (Quantum Blue#1234) on Discord, or reach out to any of the devs  listed below~

Game Created by

Ray Soyama - Systems Programmer, & Game play Lead

Camden Cecrle -  Character and Animation Lead

Caleb Shaw - Environment and  Weapons Lead

Sterling Savoy - VFX Lead

Travis (Soren) Benton - Character and Animation

Install instructions

Since this game was for a Competitive Game  Jam, we sadly cannot update the game with patches, and bug fixes (for a month). 
But, if  you do find any bugs, let us know, and we can take a look~


Skellemen 38 MB

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