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Astral Breath is a horror game where you restrict your own senses to get past obstacles in unconventional ways. The player is able to hold their breath to enter a different dimension . This changes things about the environment, allowing the player to use their senses to beat the level that would otherwise be unbeatable. 

The player is restricted on time to solve counter-intuitive challenges. The longer you hold your breath, the further away from reality you go.

Can you solve the puzzle?
Showcased at The Seattle Game Jam 2019

Note: We didn't actually have time to add functioning controls, but if you really want to play then

WASD + Mouse - Movement and Navigation

N/M - Enter/Exit Realm

J/K - Grass footstep SFX On/Off

G - Fade to black

We'll eventually edit the game to be more playable . . maybe


Ray Soyama – Systems Programmer & Tech Art

Ben Georges – Composer and Sound Designer 

Shanen Cross – Gameplay Programmer 

Sterling Savoy – Environment / FX

Josh Soldate – Environment Modeling 


AstralBreath1.0.1.zip 48 MB

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